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4 Signs a Robotic Systems Integrator Will Deliver Quick ROI

Choosing the right robotic systems integrator is not an easy task, especially for first time robot buyers. The robot integrator will play a major role in the ongoing value of the automation system, but most immediately, an integrator will make design and implementation decisions which directly impact a manufacturer’s return on investment (ROI).

The first step in automating processes, then, is choosing an integrator that will deliver reliable ROI and ongoing system value.

4 Things to Look for in a Robotic Systems Integrator

Some integrators have the systems and processes in place to facilitate quick ROI for manufacturers, while others don’t. There are a few different things to look for in a robotic systems integrator:

1. Application Experience

Your robotic systems integrator should have experience automating applications similar or identical to yours. This type of accumulated experience shows that an integrator will be less likely to encounter common integration pitfalls and have a deeper understanding of what you need from your robotic system.

2. Pre-Engineered Systems

When possible, pre-engineered robotic systems from an integrator can deliver quick ROI because they’ve already been proven to be profitable in certain applications. An integrator offering pre-engineered systems may reduced design and installation costs, further helping manufacturers achieve ROI.

3. Advanced Robot Simulation Software

System integrators that deploy advanced robot simulation software will ensure you get the most productive system possible. Most robot simulation software includes offline programming capabilities, which typically means a robot can start working the day it’s installed. Robot simulation software leads to quicker installation and a fully optimized system.

4. Commitment to Service and Maintenance

Once a robotic system is installed, operators and other employees will have to be trained on how to use it. The system will inevitably need maintenance, and may even need to accept new production parts. A system integrator with responsive customer service and comprehensive training programs help ensure your system remains at peak performance, shortening the time it takes to achieve ROI.

There are certainly other things an integrator can do to facilitate quick ROI for manufacturers, but the four signs mentioned above are the major ways a robotic system integrator will be able to implement a productive system.

A robotic systems integrator plays an important role in the effectiveness of automation systems. Learn more about how the right robotic system integrator delivers quick ROI.


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