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5 Considerations When Selecting a Pre-Engineered Robot Workcell

If you’ve thought about how to best build out a workcell for your automation process, you may want to consider a pre-engineered robotic workcell. These standardized units are already fully designed to serve your needs for automated welding, cutting, and assembly. Pre-engineered robotic workcells have many advantages over a custom workcell. How can you decide if a pre-engineered robotic workcell will work for your application?

Here are 5 points to consider:

Robot Application: Pre-engineered workcells are available for a number of uses. The most common solutions are focused on welding applications. All the major robot integrators have their own lines of standardized welding workcells. Genesis Systems offers a selection of workcells that work with industrial robots from the top manufacturers.

Delivery Speed: Quick delivery is the biggest advantage of pre-engineered robot workcells. With the assistance of a qualified sales team, these solutions are easy to configure, typically ready to ship quicker than a custom configured cell.

Total Costs: Pre-engineered robotic workcells generally offer significant cost savings over custom cells as design time increases for custom solutions. Even after installation, tweaks and adjustments may go on for an extended period, further impacting Return on Investment (ROI).

Space Needed: Majority of manufacturing facilities have limited floor space in the production line. With pre-engineered workcells, you may be able to choose the cell configuration that best suits the available layout yet still meets your production requirements.

Robot Selection: Pre-engineered solutions are more flexible than ever allowing you to pick any robot manufacturer. This lets you choose the brand you like best and pair it with other automation equipment or safety devices you want.

Find out if a pre-engineered robot workcell will work for you with the Genesis Robot Workcell Selector Tool.

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