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Genesis Industry 4.0 Solution intelligenceCENTER™ Minimizes Automation Downtime

Manufacturers today are more dependent on technology than ever, especially with the implementation of Industry 4.0. When a machine stops working in the middle of a critical production run, plant managers quickly realize why that neglected maintenance was necessary. Deadlines are missed and customer expectations aren’t met.

Improving Uptime for Industrial Robotic Systems

Today’s factories are highly automated. In some industries, the human hand never touches the product during the manufacturing process. But maintenance teams play a key role in keeping the machines running smoothly. Downtime quickly eats into profit margins.

Robotic integrators and manufacturers supply detailed preventative maintenance plans. They cover a wide range of activities, including visual inspections of motion, cables, and harnesses. They also require operators to perform repeatability checks, memory backups, and lubrication. Unfortunately, customer demand and PM schedules never seem to be aligned — the biggest orders with the shortest deadlines always come when maintenance is due.

Operator training also influences wear and tear on the machine. Frequent use of the emergency stop button, as an example, can lead to faster wear or even damage to automated systems. Improper training keeps employees from knowing when it’s best to use the emergency stop vs. using the manufacturer’s shutdown mechanism.

With the roll-out of Industry 4.0, plant managers have even more information about their equipment. Sensors focused on monitoring temperature, pressure, volume, or safety help identify what went wrong when a machine goes down. The data those same sensors collect can also be used to keep machines in operation with regular maintenance. The Genesis Systems intelligenceCENTER™ alerts managers to potential concerns before production is affected.

Revolutionizing Maintenance with Artificial Intelligence

Reactive maintenance can lead to failure and business operations cease without notice. Proactive maintenance uses analytics to understand a machine’s capacity, identify its critical moments, and optimize maintenance resources. Proactive maintenance is less about holding to a schedule — though that is important — and more about using data to review and enhance operations.

Thanks to the capabilities of AI, maintenance can be more than just preventative and proactive — it can become predictive.

The Genesis Systems intelligenceCENTER™ is specifically designed for robotic automation workcells. It gathers the data from all workcell controls and robot controllers in the facility to help plant managers make quick, smart decisions. Genesis also realizes that managers are often on the move. With Genesis Systems intelligenceCENTER™ Mobile, operators can access key metrics and workcell visibility on smartphones and tablets.

Discover how you can leverage the Genesis intelligenceCENTER™ with a custom or pre-engineered robotic solution from Genesis.

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