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The Importance of Manufacturing Execution Software for Robotic Automation

Robotic automation brings a number of benefits to a wide range of applications. Typically, manufacturers see increased throughput, higher productivity, improved product quality and greater production efficiencies, among a number of other benefits.

While robotic automation offers many benefits, to get the most out of robotic systems over the long-term and accelerate ROI, robots need to be paired with an effective manufacturing execution system. Greater insight into production processes, at a quantitative level, provides the best path to creating ongoing optimizations.

What Can Manufacturing Execution Software Do?

When manufacturing execution software is used alongside robotic automation, there are a number of processes that can be effectively measured. Quantifying processes in this way is the first step towards continuous improvement in production processes.

Some of the most common processes measured by manufacturing execution software are:

    • Assembly
    • Inspection
    • Cutting
    • Label printers
    • Job/Part ID
    • Raw materials
    • Work instructions
    • Robot process

Manufacturing execution software is an important part of everyday processes, offering flexibility in quality control and process optimization by quantifying the most important parts of production.

The Benefits of MES Software and Robotic Automation

The right MES software can help you detect manufacturing errors quickly and reliably. You can minimize the size, scope and frequency of product recalls and quarantines, as well as reduce overall manufacturing costs with real-time ERP integration.

Manufacturing execution software may also enable fully traceable work sequences, component parts, and cycle times. The result is deep visibility into manufacturing processes to easily identify sources of inefficiency for continuous improvement.

Once manufacturers have the ability to quantify the most important parts of production and find ways to continuously optimize processes, they become far more competitive in the global marketplace. With manufacturing execution software, manufacturers are better positioned in the constant pursuit of higher productivity.

To learn more on this topic, continue reading about Assist manufacturing execution software from Genesis Systems Group.

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