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Industrial Robots Provide a Competitive Edge for Glass Manufacturers

Glass manufacturers can gain a competitive edge by investing in industrial robots. The handling of delicate or hot glass has historically been a difficult task for robots, but in recent years the dexterity, accuracy and reliability of robots has improved, making robotic investment a tempting opportunity for glass manufacturers.

Like many industries, glass manufacturers stand to benefit in a number of ways from industrial robots. But which processes can be automated with robotic arms? And how exactly does this provide a competitive advantage?

Robotic Automation of Glass Manufacturing Processes

Through mixing, heating, forming and packaging applications in the production of glass products, robotic automation is primarily used for material handling purposes, especially for difficult tasks that could expose human works to severe burns or toxic fumes.

In applications such as the manufacture of glass bottles, robots are also effective for spraying processes that help reduce stress on the glass. Whether it’s spraying or material handling, industrial robots introduce safety and consistency into the glass manufacturing process.

Benefits of Industrial Robots in Glass Manufacturing

Glass manufacturers face pressure from foreign counterparts to cut operating costs to a minimum while simultaneously delivering a higher quality product. Industrial robots reduce labor costs and for decades have shown their ability to provide return on investment (ROI) within a reasonable time frame.

Further, robots are inherently more consistent and accurate than manual processes. When this is combined with lower operating costs and increased throughput, the result is a more consistent, high quality product produced at a lower cost than with manual processes.

Glass manufacturers can benefit greatly from investing in robotic automation. Robots help them keep competitive with foreign counterparts and get a leg up on domestic competition.

Glass manufacturing is reliably automated with the advanced technology behind today’s industrial robots. Those that make the investment stand to retain customers and grow market share over the long term.

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