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Robotic Welding System Ebook Sheds Light on Investment Considerations

The robotic welding market is rapidly expanding due to lower robot costs and the proven benefits automated welding systems provide. To improve efficiencies and combat a number of process challenges, more and more manufacturers around the world are considering robotic welding to help them stay competitive.

The Importance of Evaluating a Robotic Welding System Investment

The benefits of robotic welding systems are undeniable despite the cost considerations involved. Whether you’re considering automation for the first time or you’re replacing existing systems in your facility, it is important to be able to justify the investment based on strategic business goals and potential ROI.

To help business owners and decision makers with the robotic welding integration decision-making process, Genesis has developed an ebook 6 Business Considerations for Robotic Welding Investments that is available as a free download from the Genesis website. Leveraging its more than 35 years of robotic welding solutions expertise, Genesis has outlined six important considerations to make to ensure the decision to invest make the most business sense.

The six primary considerations include:

  1. 1. How will existing operations be impacted by robotic welding?
  2. 2. Could a disruptive competitor invest in robotic welding and gain an edge in productivity?
  3. 3. Labor savings and scalability
  4. 4. Understand the full scope of benefits outside of labor savings
  5. 5. The ongoing value of robotic welding data and operational visibility
  6. 6. Understand exactly how robotic welding will achieve ROI


Investment in a robotic system offers many advantages for improving efficiencies and productivity, combatting labor costs and shortages and enhancing quality. It is a serious decision that requires thoughtful consideration and planning. Take advantage of Genesis’s free ebook to gain helpful insights. Download the free ebook 6 Business Considerations for Robotic Welding Investments.

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