IPG LightWELD University


Course Objectives

LightWELD® University is a hands-on course for users looking to maximize the capabilities of their LightWELD® systems. The high power density of laser light and precise control of laser parameters require a revised skillset and new welding techniques. Laser welding also opens the possibility for new applications.
Students will learn laser welding fundamentals and how handheld laser techniques may differ from traditional welding techniques. Students will also understand how power, wobble amplitude, and wobble frequency settings influence weld quality.
Both new and experienced welders will learn how to properly adjust welding parameters for various materials, part geometries, and applications. Engineers and product designers will gain insight into how to design parts for LightWELD® systems to maximize the technology’s many benefits. Business owners and production managers can utilize LightWELD® technology to improve operational efficiency or create new business opportunities.

Main Topics

• Theory of laser welding
• Laser and welding safety guidelines
• Setup of the LightWELD® system
• Program modes and controls of LightWELD® operation
• LightWELD® cleaning
• LightWELD® maintenance

Course Duration

• LightWELD® University is a full one-day seminar, beginning with a classroom session introducing students to the fundamentals of laser welding and culminating in a final take-home project. After a safety briefing and direct instruction, breakout sessions for hands-on practice apply classroom lessons to actual welding.
• 8:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M.

Student Profile

• System operators, technicians, engineers and programmers.

Prerequisites and Recommendations

• Working knowledge of welding is recommended but not required.


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