In Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic

IPG Photonics has worked with local health authorities and government agencies around the world (and in our communities) to lend support any way we can during the global COVID-19 Pandemic.  In February, IPG donated $250,000 to local China organizations to support the aid and welfare of communities hardest hit by the corona virus.  This donation benefited the “Hope Project” operated by the China Youth Development Foundation that used the funds to provide aid and assistance directly to 200 China-based families.  Proceeds of the donation were also allocated to “Siyuan Relief” to purchase much needed medical equipment including respirators and personal protection equipment for health care workers.

As the pandemic reached the neighborhoods and communities surrounding IPG global headquarters, we identified local hospitals and organizations that could benefit from our assistance.  While many of the larger Boston hospitals received much needed federal and state-funded contributions, IPG found that many of the smaller and local institutions struggled to receive support to keep their workers on the frontline safe from COVID-19.  As a result IPG Photonics committed their resources to procure 30,000 N-95 protective masks for local health care professionals and first responders in the greatest need.   These protective masks were distributed in early April to multiple hospitals in Worcester, Southbridge, Milford, Marlborough, Natick, Attleboro and Framingham Massachusetts, in addition to two hospitals in Rhode Island and to the Fire and EMS Department in Oxford Massachusetts.

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