Live Webinar – State of the Art Welding Solutions for Battery Manufacturing

Laser welding has emerged as a key enabling technology for EV manufacturing in applications ranging from joining electrode stacks to hermetically sealing the battery case.  This presentation describes how correct selection of the laser type and operating parameters can increase production rates while at the same time increasing weld quality. 

Live Webinar – Tuesday, February 7th 11:30AM EST 

The example cases discussed will include:

  • Solving spatter issues and increasing the process window in high-speed welding of copper, aluminum, busbars and connectors
  • Using air-cooled laser in manufacturing steps where water is not allowed
  • Reducing cycle time using an integrated laser welding solution comprising laser, beam delivery with scanner and dedicated controller.

The Real-time Measurement of weld parameters used by leading battery companies to provide 100% weld quality assurance will also be shown.

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Presented by Iurii Markushov

Senior Manager, Global Welding Applications Worldwide at IPG Photonics Corporation 

Iurii Markushov is Senior Manager, Global Welding Applications – Worldwide at IPG Photonics Corporation. He focused on advanced development in laser-welding applications. He has an MSc degree (2014, Russia) in Solid-State Physics from the National Research Nuclear University MEPhI (Moscow Engineering Physics Institute).

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