IPG Genesis offers a variety of classes at our Davenport, Iowa facility. Whether you need safety, programming or maintenance classes, IPG Genesis offers robot training from experienced instructors to help robot operators keep up to date with the latest best practices. With small, personalized classes, allowing all students get the knowledge they need to make an impact on your bottom line.


Course Objectives

• Prepare the student to program a FANUC robot offline and to build a virtual robotic welding system

Main Topics

• Teaching CAD to Path segments, creating programs, setting weld parameters and setting desired torch angle
• Moving the robot to a known location
• Moving the robot with keys on the computer and the mouse
• Manipulating WeldPro System. Rotate and zoom system in and out.
• Importing CAD files
• Creating virtual robotic welding systems
• Adding tooling and part to system
• Calibrating the virtual system to the real world
• Moving programs from WeldPRO to the real world
• Create videos to show robot access of the fixture
• Cycle times

Course Duration

• (4) days, Monday through Thursday
• 8:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M.

Student Profile

• Intended for participants who must create programs, jog robot, or touch up programs offline.
• System operators, technicians, engineers and programmers.

Prerequisites and Recommendations

• FANUC Basic Programming and Systems Operations Training class
• Student should have welding background


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