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Genesis Laser Metrology for Robotic Inspection

Non-Contact Metrology for Fast, High-Quality In-Process Inspections

Genesis Laser Metrology solutions for robotic inspection are an innovative answer to the typical productivity constraints of inspection processes. This new laser radar technology delivers superior results in repetitive, complex, hard-to-reach, delicate and labor-intensive inspection tasks, particularly for large scale applications.

Through a strategic partnership with Nikon, a renowned supplier of imaging and metrology products, the Genesis industrial laser metrology solution was developed, introducing to the marketplace a new technology with great advantages. With a wide range of material flexibility for short- and long-range measurement, Genesis Laser Metrology solutions bring advanced levels of quality and speed into a wide range of inspection applications.

Genesis Laser Metrology is Used Around the World for:

  • Inspection of Aircraft Parts
  • Automotive In-Line & Next-to-the-Line CMM
  • Composite Inspection
  • Parabolic Antennae Single-Run Inspection
  • Measuring Heated Surfaces Near Blast Furnaces
  • Optimizing Geometry
  • Large Scale / Small Scale Capabilities
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Key Benefits

  • In-process for increased production
  • Reduced production costs
  • Improved quality
  • Simultaneous inspection of part sides
  • Improved throughput
  • Fast, flexible reconfiguration in production changes
  • Reduced production cycle time
  • Energy savings

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