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3 Advantages of Robot Simulation for Manufacturers and Other Robot Users

robot simulation softwareRobot simulation capabilities are expanding every day, becoming a key part of the integration process for robot integrators with the technical savvy to leverage this technology. Robot simulation software provides many advantages over traditional CAD systems and features much more functionality.

For manufacturers and other robot users, working with an integrator that utilizes this software can have ongoing benefits in terms of revenue, even after the robots are installed and working.

But what is this software? And what kinds of benefits does it provide robot users?

What is Robot Simulation Software?

While robot simulation software products vary greatly in feature sets and capabilities, they all share a few things in common. They are simulation tools built to replicate real-world robotic applications as closely as possible, taking every environmental and physical factor into account and testing for all possible variables.

Most robot simulation software is compatible with common programming languages like C++, Python, Java, LabVIEW, URBI or MATLAB so they are quite accessible. The whole point is to work out any flaws in design before the system is installed.

3 Benefits of Robot Simulation software

Robot simulation provides three distinct advantages for manufacturers. There are certainly other reasons why this software is helpful, but there are a few main reasons why it’s become increasingly popular.

1. Proof of Concept and Proof of Design

 The main advantage of robot simulation is that it provides proof of concept and proof of design so that flaws aren’t built into robotic systems. This benefit is realized every time a robot successfully processes a part. Proof of concept and design ensures the best robotic system is installed and that it works just as intended.

2. Reduced Integration Costs 

Robot simulation helps reduce the overall cost of integration. Mainly, it does this through the ability to simulate real-world applications without the physical costs of actually doing so. Robot simulation also reduces and most times even eliminates the need to make adjustments to the system after it’s installed, as it’s processes have already been proven to work.

3. Shorter System Delivery Times 

Robot simulation aids in offline programming, where a robots programming is completed before it’s installed. In many cases, this means the robot can start processing parts the day it’s implemented, significantly shortening the overall delivery time of the system.

Robot simulation has many different advantages over traditional CAD methods, but they all translate into reduced costs, shorter integration times and a higher quality robotic system.

Not all integrators use robot simulation software. Manufacturers and other robot users who want the most out of their robotic systems should choose to work with an integrator that leverages all its advantages.

Learn more about robot simulation capabilities by viewing Genesis’ Virtual Solutions Center.

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