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How Does Robotic Machine Tending Deliver ROI Over Time?

Investments in robotic machine tending pay for themselves over time. This is usually true in small and large operations alike, regardless of the machine being tended. Robotic machine tending provides return on investment (ROI) much like other robotic processes, although it may be hard to imagine how the simple task of handling a part can lead to productivity advantages.

To understand how robotic machine tending delivers ROI over time, it’s important to first understand the breadth of applications that can be automated with this type of system.

Robotic Machine Tending Applications

Typically, robotic machine tending applications involve the loading and unloading of parts for robotic grinding, injection and compression molds, CNC milling and turning, and trimming and forging presses.

These applications may also involve holding a part for welding or cutting operations, but mostly involves loading and unloading parts for a variety of other automated processes.

Where is ROI Created in Robotic Machine Tending?

Robotic machine tending creates efficiency and productivity in a few different ways that lead to ROI over time. The following are some of the main drivers of productivity in robotic machine tending:

    • Repeatability: By nature, robots are highly repeatable. Robotic machine tending process, likewise, are highly repeatable, leading to improved accuracy and efficiency in other automated tasks.
    • Uptime: Robots don’t need to take breaks. Other than occasional downtime, robotic machine tending systems can operate 24/7, increasing potential throughput and reducing labor costs.
    • Quality: Robots are consistently accurate. The accuracy provided by robotic machine tending systems leads directly to improved product quality and fewer defective products.

Superior repeatability, high levels of uptime and improved product quality are the main ways that robotic machine tending systems create efficiency and productivity. These productivity gains lead to ROI over time.

It can be hard to picture how a robot loading and unloading a machine provides any significant improvement in productivity levels. But over the life of the system, robotic machine tending delivers ROI much like any other robotic system.

See how robotic machine tending and material handling solutions can boost throughput, improve productivity and increase safety in your facility.

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