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3 Trends in Robotic End-of-Arm Tooling You Need to Know About

Recent improvements in robotic technology, as well as changing customer demands, have led to new trends in end-of-arm tooling (EOAT). Learn how these trends affect the way your production line will use EOAT and the changes you’ll need to make to future-proof your robotics equipment.

Focus here is on the type of end-of-arm tooling where the robot gripper that touches the part and also includes the end effector behind the gripper. Manufacturers are always searching for the source of a bottleneck. Updated EOAT’s can move faster while keeping the parts and products safe. More versatile designs boost flexibility and allow end effectors and grippers to be used for more applications.

Trend #1: Connected EOAT

Industry 4.0 has brought connectivity to more industrial automation systems than ever. Using the Internet-of-Things, end-of-arm tooling can collect and benefit from stored data. EOAT can be set up to communicate with other components on the production line.

By letting the end effector make positioning changes on its own, robot programmers are able to create applications faster. Quicker programming changes also result in less downtime and idle man-hours.

Trend #2: Servo Grippers

Due to labor challenges, manufacturers have called on robotics manufacturers to create EOAT with improved dexterity. Servo grippers allow EOAT to grasp a component or product in virtually any orientation. Improved force-torque sensing and tactile sensing help servo grippers move faster without damaging the end product.

Trend #3: Modular Vacuum Grippers

Modular vacuum grippers are especially useful for products that require gentle handling. Within agriculture and food processing, these soft grippers can handle food without causing damage and they can grasp different types of food of varying sizes with the same gripper.

Vacuum grippers are incredibly compact, allowing facilities to use the smallest robots possible for applications like sorting and packing. Their versatility lets food processors change packaging over time without having to invest in new robotics and EOAT. Vacuum bars have replaced suction cups in many applications to make pick-and-place faster and ensure a good grip.

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