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An Overview of Packaging Robots Benefits and Capabilities

Packaging robots offer many important benefits in applications across the industrial sector. When compared to manual processes, packaging robots bring the speed, accuracy, and productivity that robotic automation is known for, all while delivering relatively fast return on investment (ROI) when deployed correctly.

Industrial robots are a diverse and complex technology – even within the category of packaging robots, different systems may complete very different tasks. How do you know what packaging robots do exactly? What kind of benefits do they provide for manufacturers?

Packaging Robots Tasks and Industries

Depending on the end of arm tooling (EOAT) a given robot leverages, it can complete many different tasks. Most often, packaging robots are designed to open, fill, transport, palletize, seal, code and/or label product packaging. Just about any process involving the movement or packing of goods can be automated by a packaging robot.

These robots are used in a wide range of industries. However, they’re most commonly used where products must be packaged consistently, accurately and with high quality to protect product integrity. The industrial sector also sees high usage of packaging robots to speed up cycle times and improve productivity, while the food and beverage industry also uses packaging robots for similar reasons.

The Benefits of Packaging Robots

Packaging robots bring speed, accuracy, and productivity to material handling operations, which has a real and lasting impact on overall production. Most manufacturers who implement packaging robots see a major boost in throughput because the speed of production is not hindered by how quickly manual processes can package, move, and/or label products.

Further, packaging robots streamline production. They can lift more products at one time, feature far higher uptimes than manual labor, and create labor cost reductions. Packaging robots can complete more packaging tasks at a lower cost and more consistently than with manual labor.

Packaging robots are becoming a staple of production in a wide range of applications, from the medical field to industrial production, they’re bringing serious bottom-line benefits for manufacturers.

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