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Could Your Robotic Welding Application Benefit From Anti-Spatter Liquid?

Anti-spatter liquid is an important part of robotic welding applications that suffer from excessive spatter levels. It’s a compound that protects consumables and part integrity from the accumulation of spatter during the welding process.

Anti-spatter liquids create a barrier between the robotic welding nozzle and any spatter generated during the welding process, allowing it to easily fall off when the nozzle is cleaned or during the reaming cycle. This leaves all of the front-end consumables on the welding robot clean and spatter-free.

The Benefits of Anti-Spatter Liquid for Robotic Welding

The most immediate benefit of anti-spatter liquid is the fact that it prolongs the lifespan of robotic welding consumables, including the nozzle, contact tips, and gas diffuser.

Even more importantly, anti-spatter liquid aides in uninterrupted operations and higher levels of uptime. When spatter begins to affect the welding process, weld quality suffers, rework may be required, and production must come to a halt for cleaning. Anti-spatter liquid helps welding robot users avoid unscheduled downtime from spatter build up.

Is Your Robotic Welding Application Right for Anti-Spatter Liquid?

There are several types of robotic welding applications that may benefit from using anti-spatter liquid. Primarily, constant-voltage applications, or those using solid wire, may need anti-spatter liquid to keep welding areas clean. Also, the welding of galvanized steel may produce high levels of spatter and benefit from anti-spatter liquid.

Any welding operation where the process is susceptible to higher than average levels of spatter will likely see productivity improvements from using anti-spatter liquids. This is especially true in high volume production environments where reducing downtime is a primary objective for welding robot users.

Anti-spatter liquid brings a number of benefits to a wide range of robotic welding applications, helping increase the overall productivity of welding processes. To know if your application is right for anti-spatter liquid, it’s best to speak with a knowledgeable robot integrator.

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