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Are Robots the Answer to Broken Supply Chains?

The 2020 coronavirus pandemic exposed the fragile nature of the world’s supply chains. And the shortages of essential products weren’t just the fault of hoarders stockpiling staples. Suppliers quickly found themselves challenged with high demand as lockdowns went into place. A surge in online orders and changing buyer habits left supply chains shattered.

Many suppliers are looking for new robotic technologies to help support their supply chains. Thanks to advances in machine vision and other sensors, robots are a practical option to complement the labor of humans. Here are some areas where robots are helping out supply chains.

Automated Warehouses

The use of collaborative robots has even made social distancing possible and kept humans working alongside the robots. Whether used on the production line or to pick inventory, automated robotics has also been able to increase inventory management efficiency and accuracy. Robots perform tasks faster to meet growing demand. Thanks to improved navigation systems, robots can route products to anywhere in the facility, keeping humans in safer workspaces.

Food Supply and Grocery

Online ordering of groceries has increased over the years. But the boost in the last few months is unprecedented. Distribution centers and stores with automated warehouses have kept the food supply chain moving. Robots can wander the aisles at stores and report shortages. Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems can react in real-time and reorder products and even stock shelves.

Logistics and Delivery

In the past, home delivery was mostly about convenience. But in recent months, it’s become a matter of health and safety. Many of these services still rely on human labor. But that is changing quickly as major players deploy autonomous delivery vehicles.

Many essential businesses have recognized the realness of the labor shortage as they scramble to find workers who are a suitable fit for their supply chain. Filling open roles has proved to be a challenge as governments and workers are concerned from a health standpoint. Robots and automated vehicles can fill these roles and keep humans safe.

Find out how robot vision systems from Genesis Systems improve the supply chain with tasks from eliminating defects to automating production to tracking parts.

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