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Appliance Manufacturers Are Looking to Robots to Boost Productivity

Consumers are more open to robots boosting productivity at their homes than ever before. Automated devices like pool cleaners and lawnmowers are giving people more time to do what they want. Appliances like dishwashers and washing machines are equipped with more options so consumers don’t have to monitor the settings.

Although appliance manufacturers are striving to give consumers what they want when it comes to automation, production facilities are filled with manual processes and assembly practices. Thanks to increased pressure to produce quicker and more efficiently, appliance manufacturers are now investing in robotic automation to boost productivity.

Benefits of Robotic Manufacturing of Appliances

Appliance manufacturing has become far more complex over the years. But many other industries that use automated processes have changed as well. Here are three ways robotic manufacturing can help.

1. Perform Repetitive Tasks Quickly

The complexity of appliances has changed. But one area that makes them a prime candidate for automation is that every model is made exactly the same.

2. Build to Precise Standards

Robots are able to construct products to precise specifications. This is important for an industry that must meet consumer demands for reliability as well as build a product that must earn regulatory approval. No matter how experienced, human workers make errors, such as forgetting components or placing parts incorrectly. Robots get it right.

3. Offer Cost-Effective Labor

Implementing an automated solution requires a significant investment. But appliance manufacturers that invest now will enjoy the benefits in the future. Many robots can now work alongside humans to help to boost the quality of their work too.

Robotic Integration Pushes Productivity in Other Markets

Robotics isn’t just a great candidate for the automotive, aerospace, and appliance industries. It’s being used in a number of other fields too. Consumer electronics manufacturers are using robots to build mobile phones with processes and precision. Grocers have deployed robots in warehouses to pick and place groceries to fill orders. And in agriculture, growers are using robots to control weeds and water crops.

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