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The Benefits of Using Robotic Vision for Automation Applications

The combination of robotics and machine vision technology can make for a powerful automation solution with far greater capabilities than either technology achieves on its own. Robotic vision systems come in many forms and can be used in a wide range of applications.

Robotic vision systems typically consist of one or more cameras, application-specific lighting, proprietary software, one or more robots, at times with the camera mounted directly on the end of the robot. Initially, most robotic vision systems were in 2D, but recently 3D vision has emerged as a more robust vision solution, opening up new possibilities in robotics.

Flexibility is the Primary Motivation for Using Robotic Vision Systems

Without a vision system, robots are rigid and confined to performing tasks in pre-determined paths in highly controlled environments. The main purpose of a vision system is to allow for minor deviations from programmed pathways to keep production moving.

With a robust vision system in place, robots can account for variables in their work environment. Parts don’t need to be presented exactly the same way. The robot can ensure it’s performing its task correctly, even performing in-process inspection tasks. Industrial robots are far more dynamic when they’re equipped with advanced vision systems.

Other Benefits of Using Robotic Vision Systems

Flexibility is a key benefit of using robotic vision systems. Yet there are other benefits these systems provide that can have a meaningful impact on overall productivity:

  • Reduced downtime: robots with vision systems are more capable of responding to variables in their environment, which otherwise could lead to expensive downtime.
  • Quicker return on investment (ROI): robotic vision systems enhance operator experience with the cell and work holding devices while increasing throughput at the same time. Lower operating costs with greater input directly translates into faster ROI for manufacturers.

Robotic vision systems have a lot of upsides for manufacturers in search of a flexible robotic automation solution. They help reduce the cost to implement and operate industrial robots while improving their overall performance.

Robotic vision systems have existed for some time, but the latest 3D robotic vision solutions have made the combination of robotics and machine vision a more powerful combination than ever before.

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