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The Importance of Proper Robot Operator Training

The introduction of robotic automation in any facility will introduce the need for qualified, trained operators to maintain robotic productivity. Robot training is an essential part of overall robotic productivity – robot operators should be constantly kept up to date with knowledge of the latest systems and programming techniques.

There are plenty of robot training programs available and your robot integrator may even offer them. Whichever program you choose, the benefits of having knowledgeable operators will leave a meaningful impact on your bottom line.

The Benefits of Robot Operator Training

The primary benefit of robot training is improved productivity. This is especially true directly after new robotic systems are implemented. Robot training reduces the learning curve and any associated downtime that comes with inexperience. Safety is a key focus of training and operators who thoroughly understand how to promote robot safety will help avoid injuries and downtime from workplace accidents.

Robot training also helps maximize the return on investment of capital purchases. Highly trained robot operators can produce more for their employers when they have a new, advanced skillset. Robot operators are responsible for keeping robotic systems at peak productivity and optimizing uptime of the robotic cell – a wealth of robotic knowledge helps them do this daily.

What to Look for in a Robot Training Program

With many different robot training programs available, there are a few key things to look for to ensure operators get the education they need and deserve. First, you’ll want to ensure robot training programs feature small class sizes with hands-on training. Operators should be working directly with robotic work cells during their courses – a healthy mix is often around 20% lecture time and 80% hands-on time with robots.

Another important thing to look for is the experience of the trainer. The person leading the robot training program should be an industry veteran with knowledge of a wide range of robot systems and programming methods who can personalize the courses to the individual needs of the attendees.

Robot training is important for operators – they need to keep up with changing robotic technology to continually promote peak productivity in robotic processes. The right training program can give them all the tools they need to perform their best.

To learn more, read about Genesis Systems Group’s hands-on robot training courses.

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