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What You Should Look for in a Pre-Engineered Robotic Workcell

Pre-engineered robotic workcells offer many advantages over custom robotic systems. While highly complex applications may not be able to leverage a pre-engineered solution, for the applications that can, the benefits are clear.

Users of pre-engineered robotic workcells pay lower initial costs for robotic equipment, as there is little to no engineering costs. Also, users know they’re getting a solution that has proven to provide return on investment (ROI) and productivity in similar applications. If you’re interested in using a pre-engineered solution, what exactly should you look for?

Pre-Engineered Robotic Workcell Design

Looking at the payload and key parameters of a pre-engineered robotic solution is a simple first step. But beyond this, taking a look at proprietary designs can give you a glimpse into the type of productivity gains you can expect. For example, some robot workcells feature center-mounted robots to maximize the work envelope – this type of innovation can boost ROI and productivity in the long term.

Also, connectivity is more important than ever in the modern manufacturing environment. Ensuring pre-engineered cells can produce granular production data is important. This data will help you make continuous optimizations in production, ensuring the robot continues to pay for itself and more.

Robot Integrator Support

While pre-engineered robotic workcells are quick to install, that doesn’t mean they’re always easy to operate and may break down at some point. A robot integrator that provides ongoing support is an important part of the decision when choosing between systems.

Some robot integrators will offer 24/7 remote support, as well as preventative maintenance and spare parts ordering. This type of support helps increase robot uptime, which maximizes your ROI and further contributes to productivity over the life of the system.

Pre-engineered solutions have many advantages over custom robotic systems, as long as the application can be automated with a generic solution. Manufacturers stand to gain a lot from pre-engineered robotic workcells but choosing the right one is important to achieving the desired ROI and productivity.

To learn more on this topic, read about Genesis Systems Group’s pre-engineered robotic workcells.


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