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Robotic Laser Metrology Revolutionizes Inspection Processes

Robotic laser metrology is a new technology that’s revolutionizing the manufacturing inspection processes. Typically leveraging a six-axis robotic arm and innovative laser radar technology, this form of metrology enables new levels of productivity, speed, and accuracy in part inspection.

Robotic laser metrology is particularly useful for the automotive, aviation, space and defense industries, but can be deployed in a wide range of settings. For complex, hard-to-reach and/or manually-intensive inspection applications, this technology delivers meaningful bottom-line results.

The Benefits of Robotic Laser Metrology Technology

There are many benefits of using robotic laser metrology technology. Key among them is its ability to be integrated for in-process inspection. In this way, inspection is no longer a production bottleneck – inspection occurs at the speed of production for improved throughput.

Laser radar technology allows for highly accurate inspections of a wide variety of materials, taking absolute measurements for better trend analysis.

Further, robotic laser metrology is a low-maintenance form of robotic technology. With simplified configuration for switching applications, the costs of implementing robotic laser metrology are minimized.

Typical Uses of Robotic Laser Metrology

 While robotic laser metrology is still a relatively new technology, it’s proven useful in quite a few different ways. Some of the most common uses of this technology include:

  • Inspection of aircraft components
  • Automotive inline & next-to-the-line CMM
  • Composite inspection
  • Parabolic antennae single-run inspection
  • Measuring heated surfaces near blast furnaces
  • Optimizing part geometry


All industries can benefit greatly from robotic laser metrology. Robotic laser metrology addresses many of the productivity issues with traditional inspection processes and delivers all new levels of efficiency, accuracy and productivity for manufacturers.

To learn more, continue reading about Genesis Systems Group’s robotic solutions for the automotive, aerospace and manufacturing industries.

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