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Driving Growth with Communications Software for Connected Manufacturing

Connected manufacturing is a rapidly growing trend in the industrial sector. Nearly every manufacturer is striving to unlock the full potential of Industry 4.0, or the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). When machines, internal systems and workers are all connected, the result is a more productive, streamlined manufacturing process.

Many different technologies exist to achieve various forms of connected manufacturing. For industrial robotic applications, communications software and manufacturing execution software are among some of the most important.

IIoT Robotic Machine to Human Communication Software

Robot to human communication software is all about delivering the right message to the right personnel at the right time. Machines equipped with this software can communicate vital performance and status notifications to avoid unscheduled downtime and maintain consistent production.

Shared production knowledge leads to better collaboration on the factory floor, which eliminates communication inefficiencies and improves employee productivity. When the right people are in the know, better decisions can be made in a timely manner. Machine to human communication software goes a long way in streamlining production processes.

Connected Manufacturing Execution Software

In addition to communications software, connected manufacturing execution software can help manufacturers achieve advanced traceability, greater process control, and the ability to minimize the size and scope of product recalls. This technology essentially connects robotic processes with assembly, inspection, job/part ID and other processes to verify the consistency of production.

In this scenario, many different components leverage IIoT capability to communicate status and performance indicators in a single stream of information. Manufacturers can ensure quality by error-proofing and interlocking production data from manual and automated work stations, while also satisfying customer and regulatory requirements with end-to-end traceability.

Connected manufacturing execution software brings many different production processes into communication with one another for superior quality assurance.

IIoT in manufacturing, including communications software and connected manufacturing execution software, is a powerful combination. New IIoT technology brings unprecedented levels of connectivity and productivity to the factory floor.

To learn more about this technology, browse Genesis Systems Group’s Connected Solutions suite of software – four different robotic communications software and connected manufacturing execution software for streamlined production.

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