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How to Improve Productivity with the Industry 4.0 Genesis intelligenceCENTER

Industry 4.0 is changing how manufacturers around the world operate their facilities and production lines. Also called the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), it is empowering businesses to transform operations and boost productivity with timely data and analysis.

Enabling communications between connected devices, machines, software, and people, industry 4.0 technology provides manufacturers with real-time insights into critical processes. When the right personnel get access to the right information at the right time, costly unscheduled downtime that slows production can be avoided.

Managing Robotic Workcells with Genesis intelligenceCENTER™

Designed specifically for Genesis custom and pre-engineered robotic workcells, the Genesis intelligenceCENTER™ leverages Industry 4.0 technology to deliver real-time data that can be used not only to avoid unscheduled downtime but to improve efficiencies and reduce overall cycle times. Leveraged for ongoing optimization, it helps to reduce costs while increasing throughput.

With an easy-to-use web interface and cloud technology available on mobile devices, the intelligenceCENTER™ monitors the real-time status, alarms, historical trends, and critical parameters of Genesis robotic workcells 24/7.

Facilitating informed, fast decisions, the intelligenceCENTER™ delivers the following monitoring and reporting capabilities:

  • Real-time status monitoring
  • Historical trend analysis
  • Performance alarms
  • PLC & robot alarms
  • Uptime & downtime overviews
  • Critical performance parameter monitoring

Highlighting errors that can cause downtime, the intelligenceCENTER™ provides real-time health indicators for each machine to facilitate expedient remote support. The historical data aggregated over time provides valuable insights into process control inefficiencies and potential causes of downtime that can be avoided more effectively through proactive planning and measures.

Learn more about the Genesis intelligenceCENTER™ by reading our Genesis case study Cloud-Based Robotic Welding Software Delivers Time Data & 20% Increase in Uptime.

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