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Is Your Facility Ready For A Preconfigured Robotic Work Cell?

Adding a new automation solution can provide an instant boost to your facility’s production. But if you have researched automation, you know it takes time and expertise to configure the proper robotic workcell. Integrators like Genesis Systems have designed a selection of preconfigured robotic workcells that can be used in a wide range of applications.

Preconfigured Robotic Workcells Save Time

Robotic workcells are complete systems that include the robot, controller, power supply, and needed peripherals to get you started. In the past, nearly every robotic workcell was custom designed for its application. This required extensive design hours extending lead times.

Utilizing a preconfigured workcell can cut weeks out of automation lead time by eliminating customization.  The system can be on your shop floor earlier, moving up programming time and allowing your product to get into full production quicker.

Preconfigured Robotic Workcells Cost Advantage

Pre-engineered robotic workcells are tried-and-true designs, often requiring less optimization once installed. Labor costs incurred when designing and building a custom workcell is going to be higher and every moment you waste is lost production. There’s no way to kill ROI faster than an idle or inefficient automation solution.

Preconfigured Robotic Workcells Improve Safety and Flexibility

Even though robots are safer than ever, they can still pose risks to novice or distracted workers on the production floor. Robotic workcells have safety packages that often include fencing, curtains, e-stop buttons, and more. These safety devices help keep human workers safe. Sensors and light curtains included with the workcell can even detect when humans are present and signal the workcell to stop all movement and action.

Custom robotic workcells are often less versatile than pre-engineered designs as they are configured around a specific part configuration. Preconfigured workcells are designed to accommodate a variety of part sizes and weights. Preconfigured workcells are also engineered to use as little floor space as possible so they can be used in facilities with limited space available on their manufacturing floor.

Pick the perfect preconfigured robotic workcell with the Genesis Robot Workcell Selector Tool!

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