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As Their Precision Has Evolved, Robots Are Seeing Use in More Areas

Robots have come a long way since their invention and so have their movements. The advancements in the precise movements of robots have contributed to their adoption into the manufacturing arena.

Advancement in Robotic Movements

When the first robot arm was built, it had a lot to live up to. Emulating the human arm is no easy task. Your arm can move over several axes. Force can be easily be adjusted to handle different materials. You can speed up, slow down, and change trajectory in an instant. And you can easily adjust all those variables when you pick something up.

When robots were used in ways that required less precision when it came to movements, like spot welding, speed, acceleration, and deceleration weren’t as important. As long as the arm moved to where it needed to go to make the weld, that was enough. But when using a robot to create a continuous weld, it needed more finesse.

These needs pushed manufacturers to demonstrate more precision and introduce technology like the six-axis robot arm. Software improvements offered the ability to program more detailed movements.

Precision Improves Robotic Welding

To provide the highly precise movements needed to weld along a seam; speed, position, acceleration, deceleration, and even the use of welding materials must be accurately calculated. Robotics used for welding requires the utmost precision.

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