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Manufacturers Increase ROI with Robot Reintegration Services

Wondering what to do with all that legacy automation equipment in storage? You may be able to boost your profitability with reintegration services. Instead of letting those once cutting-edge automation solutions lose their value and turn into scrap, get them back out on the production floor.

Changing Production Needs Often Leads to Idle Robots

Like most manufacturers, your production needs have likely evolved over time. Eventually, these changes lead to robots in your facility being put out of work. That can be especially frustrating if you’re still recognizing capital expenses on existing automation equipment. Underutilizing your automation systems can tank your Return on Investment (ROI) and lower your productivity.

Even though automation costs continue to provide a positive ROI, companies must still raise a significant amount of capital to deploy new equipment. You might have equipment on your factory floor right now that could keep you from having to purchase new robots.

Robot Reintegration Services Put Machines Back to Work

The first step that robot reintegration services must take is to analyze your idle or underused automation systems. Your robot integrator will then observe and map out your processes to figure out how to get your robots back to work. Even the simplest of system designs may still have invaluable use in your facility.

Your robots’ original uses may not be necessary within your facility anymore, but most robots are designed and constructed with flexibility in mind. Many robots can fit a wide range of applications from the factory as-is. Your system may only require some minor programming modifications, enhanced tooling capabilities or safety upgrades to fill a new role that could streamline your production processes.

Robot reintegration services are just one way that an integrator can help you maintain peak productivity beyond installation. That being said, don’t trust the assessment of your automation equipment to just anyone. Genesis Systems has over 35 years of experience as a robot integrator, with the necessary expertise to reintegrate those old robots into your new automation solutions.

Choose Genesis Systems for your Robot Reintegration Services and get the most out of your automation investment.




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