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Preventative Maintenance Indispensable for Automated Robotics

Nothing screams the importance of robotics preventative maintenance louder than a critical outage. You’ve likely been there before. Whether you’re a plant manager, robot technician, or business owner scrambling to get production back online, you know the impact of failed equipment. You watch the orders back up and productivity crash as employees wait helplessly.

Emergency Failures Cost Your Facility Big Bucks

If you think that the cost of a critical outage is just a delay and a few repair parts, think again. Your last emergency failure probably resulted in a big bill for your business. You likely had a number of employees on your production line that stood around idle while the equipment was repaired. Your facility paid out labor costs without anything to ship at the end of the day.

Procuring the parts for your failed automation equipment occurred in haste. This typically meant very little opportunity to negotiate prices. So, you paid top dollar. Expedited shipping charges added to the cost of the repairs. Technicians did all they could just to get you back to work, while production levels weren’t at peak levels for weeks. There’s no chance you made up for the lost time.

Robotics Preventative Maintenance Saves Time and Money

However, it’s simpler than you think to avoid the scenario described above. A well-designed preventative maintenance program can help you minimize the risk of equipment failures. Even though some investment is required, periodic inspection, parts replacement, and equipment cleaning can help you avoid the high costs that come along with emergency outages.

You might think that a robust robotics preventative maintenance plan is too costly. The labor investment required for inspections alone is a charge your facility can’t bear. But, consider what you’re out when your entire production staff is idle for just a single hour. What if you could avoid that situation with just a little bit of white lithium and elbow grease?

Outsource Your Robotics Preventative Maintenance

Manufacturers often find it challenging to create an in-house preventative maintenance solution. Getting approval to hire a team to maintain your robotics equipment may seem to be an insurmountable task in your organization. Even if you could, how would you train them? A third-party robotics preventative maintenance provider may be perfect for your business.

Preventative maintenance is one of many services Genesis Systems offers for our clients. Visit our 24/7 Customer Service page to learn more.

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