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Nozzle Cleaning Stations Unlock the Full Productivity Benefits of Robotic Welding

Robotic welding systems increase throughput and productivity for manufacturers. They also provide high quality and consistent welds. Over time the nozzle of a welding robot can become dirty after extensive use. Once the nozzle is dirty, the robot’s welding performance can start to decline, eroding productivity gains and hurting product quality.

A nozzle cleaning station, also referred to as a reamer, helps keep the nozzle of welding robots clean. This brings a number of benefits to robotic welding operations, supporting the overall goals of productivity and quality in robotic welding.

The Benefits of Nozzle Cleaning Stations for Robotic Welding

By keeping the nozzle of a welding robot clean, nozzle cleaning stations minimize welding errors. The accuracy of a welding robot with a dirty nozzle is compromised.  By maintaining a clean nozzle, the robot is able to perform at a higher level of accuracy contributing to higher overall product quality.

When nozzles must be manually cleaned or changed, productivity drops. The downtime incurred from poor welds or even equipment damage can negate the benefits of robotic automation. Nozzle cleaning stations, in addition to promoting higher product quality, also promote higher productivity through increased levels of uptime.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Nozzle Cleaning Station

Once you’ve invested in a nozzle cleaning station for your robotic welding operation, it’s important to get the most out of the reamer to maximize the productivity benefits and accelerate ROI. The first and most important thing to do is continuously ensure proper alignment of the nozzle cleaning station so that improper contact doesn’t damage the welding robot.

Anti-spatter spray, used alongside the nozzle cleaning station, can help maintain clean nozzles on the welding robot. Also, preventative maintenance is key for nozzle cleaning stations, just like any piece of automation equipment. Regular maintenance keeps reamers working in perfect condition and prevents unscheduled downtime.

Nozzle cleaning stations unlock the full productivity benefits of robotic welding systems. By keeping nozzles clean, welding robots have higher uptime, accuracy, and consistency. Investing in a nozzle cleaning station can provide quick ROI and greater productivity in operations.

To learn more increasing productivity in robotic welding, read about automation peripherals from Genesis Systems, an IPG Photonics Company.

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