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Robotic Welding Cuts Cycle Times in MilSpec Applications

For milspec applications, there are extensive considerations in achieving extremely high quality and consistency. Following military weld specifications can be a major challenge with manual welding processes, especially when these specifications are particularly stringent. Robotic welding can be a major asset to any manufacturer with milspec applications.

Achieving military specifications can slows down production, which cuts into productivity and profitability. Robotic welding, like many forms of automation, excels at slashing cycle times and boosting profitability.

How Does Robotic Welding Cut Cycle Times?

Custom, turnkey robotic welding solutions can be made with precisely the right robot configuration for your application. Whether this involves multiple different robots, positioners, and loading stations, or simply unique robot mounting, several welds can take place at the same time which reduces the overall production time.

The accuracy and consistency of welding robots all but eliminates the need for rework, which swells cycle times. Robot positioners give the robot quick access to the part, exactly where it needs to be, much faster than manually moving parts – a major timesaver for large parts. Welding robots cut cycle times by spending more time welding and welding more accurately than manual processes.

Robotic Welding Workcell Slashes Cycle Time for Fabrication of MilSpec Hydra Skid Systems

Genesis Systems, an IPG Photonics Company, integrated a robotic welding system for a manufacturer of milspec Hydra skid systems. This manufacturer was having trouble meeting military weld specifications – cycle times were high enough to be unprofitable, limiting their ability to scale operations.

The new robotic welding system eliminated the need for manual welding and cut the overall cycle time in half. With high-quality welds being completed in a drastically shorter cycle time, the manufacturers expanded their profit margins and was able to meet growing demands for their products.

To learn more on this subject, read the Genesis milspec robotic welding case study.


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