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The Latest Robot Simulation Software Advances Robotic Integration to Benefit Manufacturers

Robot simulation has become an integral part of the industrial robotic integration processes. As simulation software advances in capabilities, manufacturers stand to benefit from better robotic automation systems, quicker integration times and reduced programming requirements for all robots.

Software for robot simulation has been steadily progressing over the past few years. So, what is robot simulation software capable of today? And what does it have to offer manufacturers?

Robot Simulation Software Capabilities

Robot simulation software can do many different things today. Some robot simulations can identify robot reach issues, size requirements and fixture clearances. Further, the same software can also determine equipment positioning, robot paths and end of tool types, as well as transporter requirements for moving a robot.

As for broader production processes related to robotic automation, often times robot simulation software accounts for part and process variation, robot sequencing, part flow and process verification. All of this creates extremely realistic virtual renderings of robotic systems that help ensure they deliver the intended results.

What Robot Simulation Offers Manufacturers

Robot simulation offers many benefits for manufacturers investing in robotic automation systems, including:

  • 3D simulation
  • 3D printing production and prototyping
  • Offline programming
  • Reach studies
  • Work cell and work flow layout
  • Variation simulation analysis

Robot simulation allows for in-depth studies and analysis of just about any type of real-world robotic application. For example, in robotic welding, simulation software can perform analysis of weld distortion to guide robotic integration processes.

More broadly speaking, robot simulation software allows manufacturers to see proof of concept and proof of process before a robotic solution is installed on their factory floor. This minimizes the risks associated with automating processes and can even help reduce integration costs.

Robot simulation software benefits manufacturers in many different ways. As the technology has steadily progressed, it offers more and more to help manufacturers reliably implement robotic solutions in their facilities.

To learn more about this technology, read about Genesis Systems Group’s Virtual Solutions Center for robot simulation.

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