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Using Robot Simulation Software to Automate High Part-Mix Operations

Robotic automation is most effective when applications feature a high volume of the same parts. When operations demand automation of different processes with a high part-mix and lower volumes, the complexity of robot design increases and achieving quick return on investment (ROI) becomes more challenging.

With the right design, tooling, and integration, the latest robotic technology is adept at handling high part-mixes and delivering reliable ROI. Robot simulation software for design and offline programming plays a major role in developing robotic solutions to profitably automate high part-mix processes.

How Robot Simulation Software Improves Robot Design

Robot simulation software allows integrators and engineers to get a highly accurate view of how a final robot design will function. Most simulation software creates realistic application environments where unforeseen issues can be worked out before a robot is ever installed on the factory floor.

Robot simulation software offers proof of design and proof of concept, allowing integrators and end users to be confident their automation solution will deliver the intended results. This is particularly important in high part-mix environments when robot system design tends to be more complex.

Offline programming capabilities are an important aspect of the benefits of robot simulation software. Having all the necessary robot programming completed before the robot is installed further ensures the robot will operate properly, but also streamlines the integration process, helping end users achieve faster ROI with complex robotic systems.

Virtual Solutions Perfects Design and Speeds Implementation for Complex Agricultural Equipment Manufacturing

Recently, an agriculture equipment manufacturer contacted Genesis with a need for a robotic welding system that could handle a high part-mix. Their production runs were enormous and complex production schedules were not easily automated.

Genesis leveraged Virtual Solutions for immersive 3D virtual reality simulations to design and program a highly complex robotic welding system. The manufacturer was shown proof of concept and design, and all programming was completed before installation.

In the end, the manufacturer received a highly profitable robotic welding system that handled their high part-mix and delivered much needed productivity.

To learn more about industrial robots for high-part mixes, read our case study on Virtual Solutions robot simulation software for this agriculture manufacturer.


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