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Robotic Welding Automation Peripherals Improve Productivity

For robotic welding applications, automation peripherals can help maximize the productivity of robotic welding systems. Despite this fact, some view automation peripherals as an accessory, or an unnecessary part of a robotic system. In reality, there are many productivity benefits that come along with automation peripherals.

There are many different types of automation peripherals, and some are more consequential than others. So, what are some of the most important types of automation peripherals and how do they create productivity?

Types of Robotic Welding Automation Peripherals

Automation peripherals span a wide range of supporting equipment for robotics systems, even while only considering robotic welding equipment. Most robotic welding automation peripherals revolve around safety, prolonged equipment lifespan and increased productivity.

One of the most common types of robotic welding peripherals is a torch cleaning station or a reamer, which will be discussed in further detail in a moment. A torch cleaning station keeps the welding nozzle clean to avoid downtime from debris or spatter. Other common types of automation peripherals include torch alignment for welding accuracy, laser touch sensing for technician safety, and system guarding for worker safety.

The Productivity Potential of Robotic Welding Torch Cleaning Stations

Robotic welding torch cleaning stations, or reamers, minimize downtime caused by debris or spatter in the welding nozzle, as mentioned. Spatter, which is when welding debris is lodged in the welding nozzle, can lead to burnbacks, poor quality welds and/or decreased equipment lifespan.

Manual cleaning of welding nozzles takes 5 minutes or longer, whereas an automated torch cleaning station can clean a nozzle in seconds. Overtime, the difference in this amount of downtime can lead to major operational savings.

Like any mechanical system, maintenance and upkeep is important. A torch cleaning station helps keep robotic welding processes at peak performance and efficiency to maximize productivity.

Automation peripherals for robotic welding are an often-overlooked part of the overall automation system, however, they can have a big impact on productivity over the long-term. When automating welding processes, it’s important to consider incorporating automation peripherals to your system to get the most out of your investment.

Genesis Systems Group is a recognized leader in integration of robotic welding systems and offers high-quality automation peripherals for nearly any project. Browse Genesis’ automation peripherals to see how these products help meet the needs of robotic welding applications.

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