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The Benefits of Robotic Laser Welding Over Traditional Welding Processes

Robotic laser welding presents many advantages over traditional welding processes in certain applications. Recent advancements in laser welding technology have made it even more appealing in a wide range of industrial settings. While laser welding is not a replacement for traditional welding entirely, it is better suited for some parts.

So, what recent advancements in laser welding have made this technology more viable for manufacturers? And what are the benefits of laser welding over traditional welding processes?

Advances in Robotic Laser Welding Technology

Some of the most meaningful advances in laser welding technology have actually been from vision technology. Scanner optical configurations, scanner controls, and real-time interfaces for optical sensors enable laser welding in far more complex applications.

Laser welding is inherently more precise than traditional welding. When combined with an advanced 3D vision system, welding accuracy increases exponentially, even for high volume, multi-pass parts.

Benefits of Robotic Laser Welding

As mentioned, robotic laser welding is inherently precise. Laser welding beams create deep and accurate welds without using nearly as much energy or resources as traditional welding processes. Since laser welds are so precise and focused, welds are cleaner and require far less touch-up or rework.

Laser welding solutions are also more versatile. Traditional welding methods will always excel at applications where there is a gap between welding parts, but other applications that would benefit from high accuracy and speed will be better off with laser welding. Robotic laser welding has a much smaller heat-affected zone, so distortion is minimized regardless of the type of metal being welding.

Robotic laser welding is an accurate, clean and flexible option for a wide variety of welding applications. While it will never be a replacement for traditional welding processes, it still has many benefits and any manufacturer looking to automate welding processes should at least consider a robotic laser welding solution.

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