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The Value of Remote Support for Automated Workcells

Over the course of the service lifetime of industrial robotic workcells, downtime is inevitable. Preventative maintenance can minimize unscheduled downtime, but equipment malfunction may occur at any time. For this reason, remote support is an invaluable asset.

When choosing an integrator, it’s wise to ensure they provide some form of remote support, ideally with knowledgeable technicians on standby 24/7. Remote support services help robotic cells achieve their peak productivity in a number of different ways.

The Benefits of Industrial Robot Remote Support

When industrial robot systems go down, having round the clock access to knowledgeable service staff helps get robots back online as quick as possible. This lessens the impact of unscheduled downtime by minimizing lost productivity.

Finding timely resolutions to issues with robotic systems also helps manufacturers realize faster return on investment (ROI). The productivity gained through less impactful downtime helps robots more quickly make up for the initial investment in automation.

What to Look For in Remote Support for Robotic Workcells

Not all types of remote support are the same. A robust remote support system for industrial robot workcells begins with standard hardware built into the robots that allow skilled technicians real-time alerts and secure access to all systems in the event of an emergency.

Remote support systems should also include real-time data analysis, historical data collection, machine status alerts, support for manufacturing execution, and custom automated reporting features. On top of these features, the remote support systems would be backed by a team of knowledgeable technicians capable of addressing any problems a workcell may be experiencing.

Remote support systems for industrial automation differ greatly depending on the service provider and how deeply integrated the system is with robotic systems.

The value of remote support shouldn’t be underestimated when choosing an integrator to partner with when automating new or existing processes. Industrial robots provide quicker ROI and achieve higher productivity levels when they’re paired with a robust remote support system.

To learn more on this subject, read about Genesis Systems Group’s remote support system – part of a suite of connected manufacturing software systems.

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