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2 Tips for Maximizing ROI for Your First Robotic Welding System

When deciding to automate welding processes, return on investment (ROI) is likely your most pressing consideration. Robotic welding cells are a big investment and they need to deliver on expected returns. Navigating the world of robotic welding can be difficult, too. There are many different types of robotic welding technology and finding the right work cell can take time.

Fortunately, robotic welding has matured greatly over the years and many manufacturers have successfully automated their welding processes for the first time and found the ROI they needed.

To help you with your first robotic welding system, here are two tips to find ROI

Tip #1: Get an Exact Idea of Cost Justification

Having a clear idea of how to justify the costs of a robotic welding cell will be an important contributor to robotic welding ROI. You’ll need to assess factors such as initial robotic welding cell costs, the costs of skilled welders, benefits from improvements in part quality and throughput, among other factors unique to your application.

Justifying the cost of a robotic welding cell can be done with somewhat conventional measures, as the technology has been around for several decades, so it’s possible to get an exacting idea of cost justifications. Understanding how you’ll justify the costs of a robotic welding cell will reveal your expected returns, the levels of productivity required to achieve those returns, and which type of robotic welding technology will best deliver ROI.

Tip #2: Seek Out Robotic Welding Expertise

Investing in a robotic welding solution for the first time is no simple task, regardless of the application being automated. Seeking out robotic welding expertise will provide an important safety net in the process of selecting an automation solution.

Typically, a robotic welding integrator will be the source of this expertise. Experienced integrators will have thousands of successful robot deployments under their belts and can take a detailed look at your facility to help find the best robotic welding system. Finding the right robotic welding solution will maximize productivity and accelerate ROI.

After finding accurate cost justifications and getting help from robotic welding experts, manufacturers can be confident they’ll achieve their expected ROI. It’s vitally important to have a clear picture of how robotic welding will impact your operations before making the investment.

It can be daunting purchasing your first robotic welding cell, but there’s a well-established roadmap for success and there’s a wealth of resources available to aid in the selection process. Following the right decision-making process can put robotic welding ROI within your reach.

To learn more about robotic welding ROI, read our robotic welding case studies to see how other manufacturers have achieved exceptional ROI and improved their production processes.

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