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What Makes a Top of the Line Robot Simulation Software?

In any robot integration project, detailed simulation of robotic processes is essential for proof of concept, proof of design, and the ongoing success of robotic automation. Your robot integrator should deploy top of the line robot simulation software to ensure your systems deliver the intended return on investment (ROI).

The best types of robot simulation software, in addition to contributing to ROI, align your vision with the integrators proposed solutions, bringing to life the exact solution you need. Robot simulation software is an indispensable part of the integration process, and choosing an integrator with robust simulation capabilities can lead to a more successful robot installation.

3 Attributes of Great Robot Simulation Software

When looking at different types of robot simulation software, there are three things that differentiate the best solutions from the average.

  1. Quick Rendering of Kinematically Correct Robotic Systems

Robot simulation software must be able to accurately portray the proposed robotic systems. This allows you and the integrator to work out any issues with no risk to the robot and no wasteful part damage. With some simulation solutions, these renderings can be put together in a little over an hour, which helps reduce overall project lead time.

  1. Offline Programming

If the robot simulation software is truly kinematically correct, it will allow simultaneous programming of the robotic systems – also known as offline programming. This is another way to reduce lead times in an effort to speed up the integration process.

  1. 3D Immersive Environment

A market-leading robot simulation software will have a 3D immersive environment. This allows the integrator’s engineers to virtually “walk” through the system to ensure everything is working as designed. The integrator’s engineering teams can then collaborate to make optimizations that promote enhanced productivity. It also allows you to get a full view of the intended system, with scaled up views for better clarity, so you can be sure the proposed robotic solution meets all of your automation needs.

The three attributes mentioned above are a great guide to determining the value of any given simulation software. A solution that features all three of these attributes will be one of the best solutions on the market.

Robot simulation software is a vital part of robot integration. Making sure the integrator you work with deploys the most advanced simulation systems is a great way to gain peace of mind that your robotic systems will deliver ROI and productivity gains.

To learn more, read about the capabilities of Genesis Systems Group’s Virtual Solutions robot simulation software.

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