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Predicting the Future of Industrial Robotics in 2020 and Beyond

Now that 2020 is officially here we’re not only starting a new year but a new decade. These past ten years have seen many impressive advances in not just robotics and manufacturing technology, but technology in every industry. Given the astounding progress we saw from 2010 to 2019, it stands to reason the next ten years will see even more change for industrial robotics.

Changes can come quickly or slowly, but no matter how long they take to manifest, it benefits companies to be ever aware of the trends and innovations that drive these changes. So what can we expect for the future of industrial robotics in 2020? What about in the years to follow?

Market Growth

The core trend in the robotics industry, particularly for machines used in manufacturing and inspection, is that demand continues to climb. The market saw significant growth in 2019, with orders for new robots coming in all through the year and resulting in $1.3 billion in orders just in Q3.

The continued demand for quick, accurate, reliable robotic automation is likely to grow even more as the underlying technology improves. Manufacturing and inspection processes can always find places to improve, which means there’s tremendous potential for continued growth and expansion. So much so that industry analysts are predicting robotics will represent more than $40 billion of global value by 2024.

Software Advances

One of the underappreciated aspects of robotic innovation falls under software programming. The sturdiest, most versatile robots are nothing without effective programming, which is why many engineers and developers are hard at work and making strides towards better software design.

While having professional programmers to develop and implement software for manufacturing robots is still the norm, there is a shift happening even today. More organizations are focusing on making software programming solutions that provide flexibility for operators to implement automated processes through better interfaces and easy-to-use systems.

There’s also a growing focus on software that monitors process efficiency and system maintenance needs. Machine downtime will always be a concern for businesses relying on automated systems, but with new software options like Genesis’ intelligenceCENTER, Business Owners & Managers can quickly get comprehensive data on machine performance, efficiency, potential issues.

Increasing Use of AI with Robotics

A pivotal development for almost every industry right now, Artificial Intelligence (AI) shows particular promise for robotics and automation. While AI researchers still have many questions to answer and challenges to address, AI technology is being implemented in limited ways to provide insights on automated manufacturing processes through sophisticated machine learning. This combination of AI with advanced robotic systems can potentially provide an avenue for businesses to identify critical areas of improvement.

No matter what the future holds for manufacturing and inspection robotics, companies can rely on Genesis Systems to continue providing exceptional solutions and support for these industries.

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