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What To Look For in A Robotic System Integrator

Whether you’re a first-time robot buyer or have purchased automated solutions in the past, you’ll need to pick the right robot integrator for your next robotics purchase. But how do you know what to look for in a robotic system integrator?

Why You Need a Robotic System Integrator

Let’s talk about what a great integrator can do for you. A robotic system integrator evaluates the needs of your facility, helps you create an automation plan, and launches your automation solution. Your integrator also helps you increase the efficiency of your production processes. As a result, you’ll save time and money on implementation.

Robotic system integrators can help automate all kinds of processes, including assembly, material handling, palletizing, coating, welding, and more!

Key Considerations When Hiring a Robotic System Integrator

1. Your Integrator Should Have Experience and Credibility. Not all integrators have the same level of experience. Like any industry, there are small teams and large companies for you to choose from. Pick an integrator that has experience and credibility with businesses similar to yours. Explain your business and the processes which need to be automated and get their thoughts. Ask for examples of successful solutions they have provided in the past.

2. Your Integrator Must Be Capable of Providing Quality Solutions. Your integrator should help you perform an analysis of your current processes. They will help you figure out the best areas you can automate as well as unique ways to overcome the challenges with your application.

3. Your Integrator Can Create an Automation Plan. If you’ve found an integrator with the expertise you need, they should have no problem drafting up an automation plan. This plan will be tailored to your financial, technical, regulatory, and safety needs. Your integrator should plan out how to maximize uptime and productivity, as well as be able to develop a plan for how to keep you online 24/7.

4. Your Integrator Needs to Know How to Execute. Your automation plan might look great on paper and in presentations. But eventually, it will need to work in the real world. An experienced robotic system integrator knows how to test out the details and then put the system together. After installation, your integrator should test your equipment, optimize its efficiency, and provide training.

5. Your Integrator Should Offer Support. Find an integrator who is willing and able to provide ongoing support after implementation. You want an integrator that will be available years after your equipment is installed. If you have multiple locations, you might want an integrator with a larger network capable of providing the service you need globally.

Get around the clock support from your robotic system integrator with 24/7 customer service from Genesis Systems.

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